Dutch Delft Wavy Rim Axe Factory Charger

10344 A Dutch Delft wavy rim charger, the centre panel decorated with flowers in a vase, within a wide border showing six panels in reserve of fruits in vases, against a background of stylised floral swags. The glazed back with a double line and a low rim pierced for hanging, with the hatchet mark.


Dutch, Porcelain Axe Factory



Diameter: 13.5 ins (34.5 cms)                                      £650

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The hatchet mark was used by De Porceleyne Bijl or Porcelain Axe factory (1657-1788)

The early history of the factory is not clear but the purchase by Justus Brouwer in 1739 is documented. The output was largely blue and white in Kangxi style and continued until Justus’s death in 1775 whereupon his widow and their son Hugo Brouwer continued until 1788.

This dish is a Delft interpretation of a classic Chinese Kraak style made for the European export market, a central flower filled vase surrounded by a border of fruit or flowers. This pattern can be followed to its later development as the extremely popular so-called Peacock plates. The peacock being a mis understanding of the flowers in the vase, a pattern which was current in Delft factories from 1760-1800

Dutch Delft Wavy Rim Axe Factory Charger