Dutch Delft Wavy Rim Kangxi Charger

10343 A Dutch Delft wavy rim charger, decorated in Kangxi style with flower bushes on a rocky outcrop, within a border of four various flower bushes, the reverse decorated with flower sprays and marked with an incense burner. Similar dishes in Gemeentesmuseum, The Hague.





Diameter: 13.25 ins (33.5 cms)                                      £750

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This unusual dish is related to a group of smaller Delft dishes in the Gemeentesmuseum, The Hague which are direct copies of known Kangxi dishes. Chinese Kangxi dishes formerly in the collection of Pieter Hoogendijk Antiquairs have identical decoration front and back, even to the  incense burner mark on the reverse. It seems likely that Delft dishes were made as replacements or extensions to an imported Chinese dinner service dating to 1700-1720 as the potting is very thin, probably thinner than other contemporary Delft dishes which would have been somewhat sturdier.

Delfts aardewerk, Gemeentesmuseum Den Hague, 1999, 20-21 ill 4,5,6

Dutch Delft Wavy Rim Kangxi Charger