Pair of Chinese Blanc de Chine Buddhistic Lions

10324 A pair of Chinese soft paste blanc de Chine Buddhistic lion incense holders in traditional style, seated and with one paw on a ball, and on raised rectangular plinth bases. Small chips, one incense holder restored.



1650 – 1700


Height: 5.5 ins (14 cms)                                         £650

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Soft paste is an unusual body for this type of blanc de Chine ware. The hard paste, brightly glazed wares of blanc de Chine are associated with the kilns of Dehua and it is possible that these incense burners are from a different kiln in Fukien provence. A similar but larger pair of soft paste Buddhistic lion incense burners are illustrated by Donnelly and have an underglaze slip inscription to 1644.

Donnelly, Blanc de Chine, Faber 1969, ill 74A

Pair of Chinese Blanc de Chine Buddhistic Lions