Set of Three Chinese Celadon Jade Plaques

10057 A large set of thee Chinese celadon jade plaques to decorate a Ruyi sceptre, finely carved with a peach in a vase, an entwined pair of carp, bats and other auspicious symbols, curved surfaces, the reverse with integral lugs for attachment. A very good, even translucent textured stone with an even pale celadon colour. Perfect condition. Private UK collection.

Qing, mid 19th century


The main plaque;

Width; 11.3cm

Height; 10cm                                                              £7,500


This large and finely carved set of three Celadon jade plaques would have been designed to be fitted onto an ornamental Ruyi or sceptre, probably carved from a highly polished hardwood. Pierced lugs on the reverse would secure the plaques to the wooden handle though the condition of these plaques is so good that it is unlikely they were ever used in this way.

From a private UK collection.

Set of Three Chinese Celadon Jade Plaques